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The Place - Via Grosseto 19

The Place at Porta Metronia (San Giovanni) is in Via Illiria, 7.


San Giovanni is one of those neighborhoods in Rome for which one could still use the adjective "authentic". The area abounds with Renaissance buildings that stand in the renowned cobblestone streets, among the few restored in the city, and a soft-lit wine bar. With a very distinctive appearance, the modern avenues of St. John lead to richly decorated cathedrals, often arousing the wonder of this contrast, while the culinary side of the neighborhood is focused on markets with local products rather than on restaurants; moreover, the entertainment activities take place in the parks, preferred to the locals. San Giovanni is an invitation for today's inhabitants of Rome to compare and identify the different aspects that the history of the place emphasizes in relation to the comforts of the present.


The Place is a 15-minute walk from the Colosseum, just a few minutes from the subway line A and bus stops for the Centro Storico.


The Place al Pigneto is in via Grosseto 19.


Cheeky, impertinent and extraordinarily to the hand: it is the portrait of Pigneto, a maze of paths that continuously attracts creatives, lovers of good food, and photographers looking for inspiration. In the rooms, low light and excellent wine; in the streets, colorful murals that express the artistic soul of the neighborhood. Long beards, cigarettes, talk on the highest systems: Pigneto is as lively as the fauna that populates it.

Recently named as the seventh coolest district in Europe.


The Place is 100 meters from the C Pigneto Line Metro and a 5-minute walk from the bus stops to the Centro Storico.


For and from the airport, in addition to the traditional public transport, it offers the possibility of a transport agreement in car with driver ( or we recommend the reservation of the shuttle that will accompany guests directly at the structure (www.

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